Goldfields Lecturer: David Blair

Born in Ireland in 1820, David Blair emigrated to Australia in 1851. Ordained as a minister in Sydney, he pursued a varied career, including working as a journalist and a politician. Blair was a frequent lecturer at mechanics’ institutes, including the Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute (one of the case studies of the project). Below is aContinue reading “Goldfields Lecturer: David Blair”

Case Studies

‘A New Reading Public’ focuses on five goldfields mechanics’ institutes: Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute (established 1859, abortive attempt in 1854) Beechworth Athenaeum (established 1856) Chiltern Athenaeum (established 1866) Sandhurst Mechanics’ Institute (established 1854) Stanley Athenaeum (established 1863) These institutes have been chosen because of their important remnant library and archival collections